Jamie Fawcus is a composer, sound designer and performer based in Skövde, Sweden. He studied philosophy and political theory at Keele University, England, electroacoustic composition at the electronic music studios in Stockholm (EMS), film music + musicology at Stockholm University and was awarded his PhD. in electroacoustic composition (Huddersfied University) in May 2013. His interests centre on the language of physical space in acousmatic art,  location-specific performances and sound assembly, archaeoacoustics, links between writing/narrative and EAM, and new forms of intellectual and emotional expression using sound.

Jamie is an active member of the intermedia arts organisation Fylkingen, the Swedish composers organisation FST (Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare), and the Society for electroacoustic music in Sweden (SEAMS). Jamie is a founding member of the electronic duo Spiral Cycle, and a member of the ISM and SFW ensembles, and also performs solo.