Multimedia / film

-Sound and Music for Dance/performance project “Another Island” with Ulrika Wedin and Andreas Axelsson, Danscentrum, Stockholm (2017)

-Sound and Music for multimedia project “Foldout-Fireworks” with Katarina Eismann and Anette Taranto, The Living History Forum, Stockholm (2016)

-Resonant Spaces 2014, experimental dance, music, surround sound and performance project with Choreographer and dancer Ulrika Wedin, Bollnäs, Sweden (2014)

-Sound Design and composition for project “Close” led by Annette Taranto and Anna Källblad, Palestine / Sweden (2009)

-Sound Design for project “Foldout” led by Catharina Eismann (2008/2009)

-Music for video work “Blue Slaughter” by Antonie Frank (2003)

Electroacoustic music

-Wind and Sun (2017)

-Stone Paper Scissors (2012)

-Resonances for Theremin and EAM (2010)

-Stoop (2009)

-Essential economics (2010)

-Waterworks (2010)

-Abrovinkel (2008)

-April Wood (2008)

-April Etude (2007)

-Virtual Leaves (2007)

-Quatrain in 5 (2007)

-Adaino (2004)

-Quatrain (2006)

-Scissors, Paper, Stone. (2004)

-Quiet Refusal (2003)

-Cold Dislocation (2002)


-This is happening to someone else (2002)

Instrument + EAM

-Shadow Play parts 1 and 2 for saxophone quartet, fixed media and live EAM (2013)

-Spirals for saxophone quartet and fixed media (2011)

-Clay Tablet (part 1) for balalaika orchestra and fixed media (2011)

CD releases

-“In search of the miraculous” Huddersfield University 2012